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So I moved to New York

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

I’ve heard plenty of stories about people who have quit their jobs and moved to New York. No money, no plan, no job, slept in a closet, ate ramen noodles every night, etc, etc. You know, the usual big city dreams type story.

It’s funny because I’ve always thought those people are crazy. But also…that sounds like something I would actually do.

Well, I actually did it! Yes, small town kid from Kentucky, who historically has hated New York, moved to New York.

This is my dear friend Maddie

But before you think…this girl is nuts, let me explain. Although it may be small... I do have a room, and a job, and somewhat of a plan! However, I can’t guarantee I won’t eat a large amount of ramen noodles.

Yes…I will admit, I’ve been known to make some spontaneous, spur of the moment, seat of my pants-type decisions. But this is not one of them (I’m mature now)! This was a well calculated plan…but it took many small steps to make it happen.

So, I’ll start from the beginning.

6 months ago, I was struggling with a major decision - Do I have another surgery?

I ultimately decided yes, but with that came many other important decisions I had to make.

Where do I have the surgery? Do I still try to play basketball? Where should I rehab? Do I go back to Duke? Do I stay in Atlanta? Where do I live? How do I make money? How do I get a job? Is it all even worth it? I hate making decisions, and as I’m getting older, I’ve quickly realized ADULT LIFE is all about decisions. EEK. Talk about stressful.

Slowly but surely things started to come together. But not easy, mind you. I literally had a notebook of pros & cons, decision trees, scribbles, you name it.

My poor mother is typically the recipient of all my worries, concerns, life crises, etc. She hears it all and is my go-to for any and all advice.

I remember distinctively calling her one day back in August while I was in New York.

I had just come from meeting a Doctor and had finally decided I wanted him to do the surgery with him in New York. Now I just had to figure out if I wanted to do my rehab back at Duke or in Atlanta where I was currently living. I’ve always said I hated New York so it wasn’t even a thought. Crowded, dirty, rude people, no trees? Neh, doesn't sound like my style.

At Duke I had all the amenities in the world for a successful recovery, but in Atlanta I had an incredible work opportunity I didn’t want to leave behind.

Me - “Mom, I can’t decide whether to do rehab in Durham or Atlanta so I have a new idea… What do you think about New York?

Mom – “Hmmm...I like it. Move to New York”

Boom. Seed Planted. That’s all I needed, mom’s green light.

Once I get an idea (and some validation behind it) I’m all in. I just had to find a way to make it happen.

My thought process behind the decision:

A) I could do rehab with the amazing team who performed my surgery, get elite physical therapy, no regrets.

This is Snay. Snay is Elite!

Okay great… now I just have to figure out steps B, C, and D aka where to work, where to train and oh yeah where to live! Okay this might take some time… BUT, I’d find a way.

In the meantime, I had the surgery, rehabbed in Atlanta, continued working for the Atlanta Hawks and made trips back to NY routinely for checkups. Loved it! But still had my move to New York idea in the back of my mind.

Fast forward a couple months. I’m back in New York for a follow up appointment.

I’m hanging in Central Park one day killing time when I see Chris Hyppa’s (NBA Skills Trainer) post on his insta story.

“In NYC for a few days and need some help with workouts. DM me if interested!”

Hmm… I’m currently in NYC… killing time, what the heck.

*Slides in DMs*

Me - “Hey Chris, I’m around if you need me”

Chris – “Cool, meet me at the NBPA in 2 Hours”

*Googles NBPA*

Me – Okay, cool see ya there.

I’m in jeans and booties, but have tennis shoes and a Duke Tee in my purse. Don’t ask me why... but LET’S GO!</